Digital signage with built-in tools and templates for easy customization

All of your content is in the cloud, published to your media player for local playback, exclusively with DigitalB.


  • Easy authoring and content creation through the use of apps
  • Publish and manage your content in real time from anywhere, anytime, to one or many devices
  • Easy 5-minute setup and installation. All you need is an internet connection and HDMI to TV
  • Cloud based asset management and storage library, synchronized and stored locally on your DigitalB media player
  • Initiate and control playback of content using our casting feature
  • Schedule your own wake and sleep time
  • Local playback of synchronized content independent of an internet connection
  • Custom curated content to meet any business needs
  • The ability to publish different content to multiple devices simultaneously

Exclusive Features

Just because they make a difference!

On Demand Playback
On Demand Playback

Users are able to alter products and preferences right in front of their consumers. DigitalB on demand/interactive features allow users to open an app on their phone or tablet and instantaneously change their TV’s displays (videos, photos, product demonstrations, social media feeds, etc.) with a touch of a finger.

Local Playback
Local Playback

No internet? No problem. Our unique cloud based platform streams your content right to your device, storing it directly onto your media player for local playback, saving bandwidth as well as any interruption that may occur from streaming via poor internet. Whenever your content needs updating, simply edit your info on and our software will automatically replace your existing stored content.

On Screen Analytics
On Screen Analytics

Get to know what your TV is displaying and for how long. Our on screen analytics provide you with real time detailed information regarding the amount of time content was displayed and at what times during the day. These statistics will allow you to create a plan based on impressions, engagement and sales. Knowledge is power and our analytics will assist you in acquiring the data you need so you can plan better.

Highlights of our Content Cloud Authoring Tools

These are cloud based apps that are available for you to create content.

Digital Menu App

The Digital Menu App allows you to display detailed services and prices or upload custom ads.


  • Select from multiple pre-made templates
  • Display your logo and customize the fonts
  • Display full-screen advertisements
  • Add an image slideshow

Slideshow App

This full screen Slideshow App allows you to display images (JPG or PNG) with any desired message.


  • Displays full screen
  • Upload your own photos

Web Publisher App

Craft your content using Google Slides or Apple Keynote. The Web Publisher app gives you all the flexibility and power of cloud based presentation software and allows you to seamlessly publish it to our platform. Simply generate a public URL, paste it into the URL field in the app and enjoy!


  • Publish images or videos
  • Works with Google Slides
  • Works with Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Works with Apple Keynote

Playlist App

The Playlist App allows you to create a list of sequenced apps and its related content to autoplay after the end of the previously displayed app. This works similarly to how you would set up a music playlist on apps like iTunes, Spotify or Pandora.


  • Cycle through apps on your schedule
  • Can be used with any app

Video App

Ability to play any video format (MPEG, MOV, AVI, MP4, etc.) Simply upload videos to your portal and let our system do the rest. You can even play YouTube videos.

All uploaded video content is stored locally on your DigitalB. No streaming.


  • Displays full screen
  • Embed videos from YouTube
  • Can be played with or without sound
  • 4K video playback

Scheduler App

Broadcast your content per your own custom made schedule. You have the ability to specify the time, duration and sequence of the content being played.


  • Use with any app
  • Set a schedule for each device
  • Display separate content between devices
  • Works great with the Web Publisher App

Weather App

Display your locations current weather conditions in a full screen web browser.


  • Use custom background images
  • Show the weather of any location
  • Customize the colors and fonts
  • Display full-screen advertisements

Web App

Display any URL in a full screen web browser. Options include setting the desired web page and rotating...


  • Embed any web page to your screen
  • Can be integrated with the Web Publisher App
  • Displays full screen

Highlights of our Content Cloud Authoring Tools

These are cloud based apps that are available for you to create content.

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