Capabilites at your finger tips

Local Content Playback

All your content is downloaded from the cloud and stored locally for playback. No internet or buffering issues. Available to all subscribers

On-Demand Content Access

Interact with your digital content through the use of a tablet or a phone. select a video from your phone and it will play on the TV. Available to all subscribers

Bespoke Graphics Programs

Imagine all the graphics are preselected and sorted into specific classification with there own scheduled playlist. Our service is available to corporate and OEM Customers. Simply plug and activate your device.

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Bespoke Interactive Experiences

Ability to develop custom bespoke applications to meet your unique brand requirements. Our platform is customizable to deliver fully interactive user experiences through the use of mobile devices.

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Standard Exclusive Features

Included with every subscription these two unique features that are fully exclusive to Digitalb.


Local Content Playback

No internet? No problem. Our unique cloud-based platform streams your content right to your device, storing it directly onto your media player for local playback, saving bandwidth as well as any interruption that may occur from streaming via poor internet. Whenever your content needs updating, simply edit your info on portal.digitalb.net and our software will automatically replace your existing stored content.


On-Demand Content

On-Demand app will engage your audience with a touch of a button by allowing salespeople to change their TV’s content On Demand from a tablet or smartphone. Users have the ability to access pre-loaded content with a push of a button. On-demand content can include promotional videos, TV commercials, training  modules, graphic slideshows, or advertisements. The possibilities are endless


Interactive Configurator & Curated Graphics

Utilizing DigitalB’s infrastructure to enhance the current user experience and develop a custom bespoke interactive “Vehicle Configuration Mode”, giving dealers the ability to showcase different exterior color and interior options based on vehicle model selections. System Functionality:

Presentation Mode - Information is duplicated on the smart device as well as the TV Screen.

Dual Mode - Splits the screens - allowing the user to interact on a smart device to choose the options while the finished option is selected on the screen. (example select a color on a smart device, and the TV screen will display the selected car color)

Exclusive Mode - allows the user to interact fully on a smart device and independent of the TV screen.

Curated Graphics  
Allow the dealer to access to pre-select curated graphics library for an automotive brand based on a variety of products and lifestyle brand aspirations. These graphics are then displayed on the screens with dealer specific rotation schedule (per minute, per day per week). These graphics will integrate a weather widget to be displayed on top of the curated graphic. These graphics are automatically updated throughout the system and replaced based on user or program needs.

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You can access the DigitalB platform anytime or anywhere, allowing you to publish content directly to your media player device from any location you might be at.

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